Investor FAQ

When was RGS Energy incorporated?

When did RGS Energy's stock begin trading on the public markets?

What is RGS Energy's ticker symbol and where does it trade?

What is RGS Energy's fiscal year?

When is RGS Energy's next earnings release?

What is RGS Energy's CUSIP number?

What should I do if I want to buy or sell RGS Energy stock?

What if I have questions about lost, stolen or destroyed stock certificates?

Who are the company's independent auditors?

Where is the company located?

Does RGS Energy distribute dividends?

Where can I find all of the SEC filings for RGS Energy? Where can I download and view quarterly and annual reports?

Can I request to receive all SEC filings, annual reports, and/or proxy statements electronically rather than through the mail?

How do I contact the Investor Relations department with a question or request?